My Final Post

I have been lucky enough to have already have taken my internship. However that does not mean that the tools I have learned to obtain an internship have no more use. I plan on taking another internship. It may or may not be for school credit, but it will defiantly be for the experience. I have updated my resume to include the social media based work I have done during my internship. now I plan to use that experience to intern at a place more broadcast centered.

The internship I have taken will help me to build my resume and digital presence. Having a strong Digital presence will help me achieve my larger goal. That goal being to become a content creator, independently or for a network/company.

Currently I have been building my digital presence by using webpages to showcase my skills. At the moment I am using Vimeo for all my video related projects. I have also created a website for my still images using a Squarespace free trail. I plan to upgrade my membership once the trail has ended in a few weeks. I believe these mediums are ideal because they allow me to display my work in a neat and creative way.

For my final project I have not submitted a proposal as yet. So far I have a title and a written script, which is an original spoken word piece, which will serve as the narration. Whats left for me to do is to create a visual storyboard and/or a two column script. I also need to complete a schedule that is realistic and forgiving.


Ronnel Grant


Final Post/ Digital Media Presence


My youtube will be used as a place for my final project.

This will be a place for me to unleash my creativity, connect with awesome like-minded people, and make money in the process. It’s essentially a beauty lifestyle blog. It will showcase my passions, allowing people to be consistent with something. Being “Beauty Lifestyle blog” It’s not as specific; it gives me room to explain exactly what kind of blog it is by its difference from others. It deals with health, makeup, life choices, business decisions, current events, facial and body cleansing and many other aspects. It will showcase completely different kinds of content and have different subscribers.


This will be highlighting my current and prior work experience. I’ve uploaded my resume, and have been connecting with colleagues and classmates to build my network so it may one day help me advance in my career choices.



My Instagram will also be used as a place for my final project.

I will also make a snapchat, facebook and a personal website as we spoke about in class on may 23.

This will be a secondary place for me to give more content on a daily basis, with other social media influencers, attract potential clients, diversify my marketing efforts, drive traffic to my website and use every tool at my resource.


My personal website as we spoke about in class on may 23 will be back up. It had old clicks of hard new stories and events i’ve covered to show to news organizations I’ve applied to for an internship.

The “beauty, lifestyle, personal care, fashion, social media market” is seeing a significant uptick today. It’s expanding with time and will always be in demand. The beauty industry keeps creating a new room for future entrepreneurs to join the party which is a big advantage on both sides of the trade. Thanks to the development of the internet and technologies alike, you’ll receive good exposure. Potential customers are looking for a cosmetic product online and a variety of products and services which is as good as buying products in physical stores. By having your own website to cater to a big audience which keeps expanding is essential strive today. And by using secure e-commerce, having an easy-to-use websites, with subscription boxes, social media channels and other different services to purchase products in just a few clicks will keep them coming back.


Final Project

  1. No proposal has been submitted.(yes)
  2. A Gogle Doc proposal has been submitted and needs to be reviewed.( Not yet) touching up
  3. A proposal has received comments and needs to be resubmitted.( Not yet)
  4. A proposal has be submitted, accepted, and I’m cleared to register for CT 401.( Not yet)
  5. Registered in CT 401 and my final project is in progress.( Not yet) submitting next week
  6. I’ve completed CT 401 and my final project.( Not yet) submitting next week


  1. A resume needs to be submitted for review by the internship coordinator.(no)
  2. My resume has been submitted for review.(no)
  3. My resume has been reviewed and approved.(no)
  4. I am searching for internship placement options.(yes)
  5. I have applied to internship placements and am waiting for a reply. (yes)
  6. I have an internship placement but needs to be reviewed.(no)
  7. I have an internship placement, it’s been reviewed, and I’m cleared to register for CT 490 or CT 491.
  8. I’ve completed CT 490 and my internship.

Which digital presence will be good for me

The digital presence that will best fit me would have to be Instagram.

No Blog

Yes, Resume on LinkedIn

Contact methods, she uses  LinkedIn

Portfolio Artifacts

All of Alex’s work is for the sports segment of the news at her school. She talks to the athletes discussing some highlights that happened during the games. She is either in the field on at the station.

What I will present an Instagram that has video of basketball playing. I want to include being in the gym. While being in the gym, my talent is able to put up shots, do some layups, shoot some 3 pointers, stretch, and practice.  I will also include videos of being the weight room. While in the weight room you are able to do dumbells, pull up bar, and arm curls.

Internship Opportunities & Ideas

BC Sports

140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

(617) 552-8000

Corey Fields – (617) 552-2323

Athletes First

23091 Mill Creek Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

(949) 475-2222

Fox Sports

Colin Cowherd c/o Fox Sports 1
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035 US

Business Line: 818-377-5300


Barstool Sports

333 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001


Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to make a short documentary about my friend/teammate Diamond Jackson. In the documentary, I want to show what’s it like to go to school and play sport. Not just playing a sport, but working out during the summer and playing in non-leauge basketball games.


I want the name of the documentary to be “Do You Have What it Takes”. What I want to show, what happens when you work hard on and off the court. While going to school in order to play any sports you have to have good grades. School always comes first. I want to show, how you have to be able to have good time management skills to stay on track of your work. While going to classes every day, you also have practice, and sometimes a workout during the day. During basketball season, you barely have time for yourself, but you have to pull through, so you’re able to play.


For my Big Goal, I want to work for ESPN as a project manager with a focus on basketball. My future peers will respect this because they love sports just as much as I do. Also, because working for ESPN people do documentaries on athletes all the time. My future peer also worked for ESPN as an intern in the past.




Big Goal

My big goal is to work with a sports media company. Either Barstool Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Espn Events. While working for a sports media company, I would love to work with all off the college sports. I want to create videos, blogs, and post about all the amazing college athletes. It’s important to have a big goal to motivate yourself, so you can have an idea of where your heading. Also, you should have a big goal so you can prepare for the future. My big goal isn’t out completing one project but multiple projects. One project I would want to work on is something for a March Madness Event. No, I don’t have plans on going to graduate school.


One goal I can accomplish now make an Instagram for the top college athletes in the country. On Instagram, I can show who they are, what school they attend, what year they’re in, which sport they play, and lastly their impressive skills! Yes, this will definitely acquire a research. I’m pretty sure people accomplished this goal.

What I accomplished in class that there is a lot of people that make Instagrams to broadcast sports. Today it’s very popular. You see people making memes, videos, and even pictures. You also see blogs of college athletes, and athletes coming from high school into colleges.






Deliberate Choice

What I choose to do in life that made me calculated, conscious, studied, preplanned, and purposeful was play basketball. Playing basketball your using calculations, by making sure you have enough room between the basket, and the defender, so you’re able to score. Also, you have to be conscious of your surroundings because things can change in a split second. For example, if you’re lacking a little on defense and your opponent scores a basket. All of the choices I made were to score a basket, making sure my team is up by more points. So we can win the game. I deliberately made of a choice of what to do, by seeing what’s happening around me. For example, if I’m on a 2 on 1 fast break, I have to get back as fast as I can, trying to intercept the next pass or the shot. The information that I gathered was is, when you play hard and work hard you win games.

What I do in my life to feel ordered, disciplined, efficient, well-planned to describe my process is to go to school and play basketball. Going to school and playing a sport is hard because you have to balance. You have practice, study hall, basketball games. On top of all of that, you have to make enough time to study for your classes. In order to play basketball and go to school, you have to have good grades.

The methodically steps I use to play basketball is

  1. Make sure my sneakers are tied all the way to the top
  2. Then I always stretch before practice or a game
  3. Take some shots, to warm up
  4. Run a few a up and downs
  5. Mentally prepare myself for what’s about to happen

I came about these steps, to protect myself so I won’t cause any injuries, while the game or practice is in progress. Also, so I can be prepared to play.


One deliberate choice I was exposed to was before putting the camera on the tripod, you have to set up the tri-pod making sure everything is tight and the right height.

Travel Photography: Do I Need A Travel Tripod?


In my research, I learned that having a tripod is extremely important. Just for the simple fact, that is safe and keeps the camera steady.

The Challenges

The first challenge I faced was developing an idea for my final project. For the past year I  thought about many things I could do but I was still unsure. When faced with actually producing a powerpoint for my proposal, I really had to think about what are some things I am interested in and how will I be able to display them. This leads in to my second challenge, the “Why”. Why is my final project so important? Why/how will this project show I can provide practical and creative with a camera. The third challenge I will face when working on this project is finding some of the talent and making sure everyone is on board. Lastly, I know time management is going to be really challenging.  I must make sure I do not procrastinate and follow the timeline I provide for myself.

Hasta la vista!

For becoming a camera operator LinkedIn is the right choice as a digital presence. I will be able to network with other camera operators, individuals who work first assistant camera, production companies, and seek future employers. Also through LinkedIn, I can learn through other LinkedIn pages what is important to incorporate and highlight on my digital presence page. This includes all my works and credits throughout my college experiences. Another digital presence I would fancy in the near future is developing an Instagram page to display my videos and photos to showcase my skills, but LinkedIn is my first step.

As for the upcoming semester, I truly need to focus on obtaining an internship. First thing on my list is to fix my professional resume for future employers and continue my search. CT 399 has definitely given me insight on how to inquire an internship right for me and how to conduct the proper resume. And for Final Project most revise my presentation, this include providing the actual dates and will work and gathering my talent. After these necessary steps are taken, I will continue further.