3 weeks challenge report.

Growing up my mother thought me many things. However one thing that really stucked with me is the “power of the mind”. Sounded like it a line from an X-Man movie but it is actually true. If you truly believe in something your mind can make it happen. I had experience it many times before. I would set a goal and visualize that goal. For years I told myself I wanted to improve  1 my photography skills, 2 do a photoshoot for me to publish  somehow and 3 make connection with people in the photography industry. I already achieved both 1 and 2 goals. As soon I was done with my second  came the tree weeks challenge.  I thought of using this opportunity to push myself  and to see how powerful the power visualization could be.  After 3 weeks of doing researches, magazine editor, photographer

I finally found an opportunity to go to an entertainment  seminar. There were movie director, actor, celebrities and one the most important one photographer and magazine editors. Public speaking has always been my main problem. However that day I had to conquer my fear I would not let that chance go pass me. I was ready I had my portfolio as well my last photo series. I approached the Essence magazine table I introduce myself to Yolanda the Digital content director of Essence as well Lola she writes for Essence as well Elle magazine. They both were very excited to see my work at first they did not believe it was mine. Yolanda told me my work should be in magazines she would love to introduce me to some people. Here I was with one the key person who decide what go in and out of the magazine I was lost ofor words but I was happy.

Then Met with Robert Zukerman  this guy is a legend photographer and have such a good soul. I mean the guy is amazing he is a Hollywood photographer, having done advertising and/or publicity imagery for such films as all three “Transformers,”Pursuit of Happyness,” “Terminator 3,”  “Bad boys” etc… it was such an honor to meet him in person. We started talking about photography and the whats makes an image great. Then I offered him to see my portfolio. He started calling other people to come see it I was thrilled I could not believe it. I remember  he kept on saying “your work is really good Mc Alexander” I was happy however I was sure if he was just saying that just to make me feel good. So I asked I would like to have a honest option people tells me my work is great all the time but they have no experiences I would love to know what do you really think ?” He looks at me while I was sitting on the floor next to him then he said ” I love your work,” I tried to hold my tears, for someone such as Robert Zukerman to tell me he love my work it means so much to me. Then he said he’s good friend with people from Vogue and  Vanity Fair magazine  Sussan White who is the photography director of Vanity Fair.



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Few day later I follow up with all the people that I met from the event. I will having lunch with Yolanda next Friday at Essence magazine. And Robert and I we been talking we wants me to work on my bio and to finish my website so he could introduce me to some of the people he promised me and some potential clients.


As far my website I’m almost done. im trying to install a fullscreen video player its not woorking. I try to get everything done by next week so I could sent it to Robert.


Lola Ogunnaike from Essence and Elle magazinefile_000

 Robert Zukerman file_002

Jussie Smollett from hit TV Empire.


Actress Regina Hall 



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