Final Update!

It is very overwhelming that the semester has finally come to an end, but I am very grateful for all the feedback I have gotten on my project! I can see how much my designs have gotten better as the semester progressed.

This project was definitely a very fun one because we got to choose what it was going to be about. I learned that I have strong  photo editing skills which I had not heard before! I will definitely be continuing this challenge so I can build a good portfolio from it.

I had never realized that my photo selection process is very time consuming. Although the designs I recreated seemed so simple, I trained myself to actually look at every specific  detail within the inspo composition. Since York  gives us access to and I know my typography skills aren’t the greatest, I am going to watch the tutorials on there to hopefully get better!

Directions I had missed was getting a generator/plug-in for my magazine spreads. The one I did end up finding unfortunately was not free and would put a watermark right on top.

Overall I really appreciate this class because it challenged me more by working on good pieces for my design portfolio to show potential employers in the future.


Final Update

During the last meeting, I gave an idea of how I would not only prospect but pitch this information to a client as well as what they can expect from the services that I will be offering them.  My goal here is to give them as much basic level information as I can without boring them to death.  So they would hopefully see the value in having me do their marketing by running Facebook ads for them.   As this semester comes to an end I will be closing up this final project with my final update.  I will be discussing how I would be going about setting up an ad campaign for a chiropractor client.  The main objective needs to be established as well as an organized funnel prior to setting up this ad, to ensure all goes well.



NEW YORK – Final Blog

About the Website

The New York City Mayor office contacted me to design a responsive website to attract tourist. Which would contain information about the landmarks, local events, international events, pictures and more. Here are the requirements for the site.


  • This website should be responsive so people can use this website from any platform, desktop, tablet, and smartphone
  • A logo should be on the left top corner and a Hamburger menu top right corner
  • Home page must contain color palette design with tiles and each tile must link with the article pages
  • Must contain photo gallery, contact and about this website page
  • Each article page must contain a title, a landscape image, two small images, and a brief article
  • Title of the articles must contain the same color and font size
  • Articles must contain the same font color and size
  • The color palette must maintain all over the website

Final Version of the Website in Pictures

Home Page

Article Page

Photo Gallery Page

Final Presentation Slides.

Here is the website

Learning A Lot From This Project – 4th Update

In our last meeting, Professor Smith suggest me to make a few more changes in my website-

  • Large white space next to the Logo in home page
  • When we close the menu the cross sign color
  • Need some color changes in the footer
  • In the paragraph section in article page need small pictures within the paragraph
  • Also, paragraphs need to be separated

I fulfilled all the suggestions Professor asked, I have less white space on the home page next to the New York logo. I make the cross sign dark brown which will blend in with the website rest of colors. When mouse over at the bottom there was a pink color but now I changed it to blue.  Also fixed the paragraph section in the article pages, pictures, separate paragraphs.


Article Page

Almost There!

I have finally finished up the overall structure and layout of the website. I fixed some problems in my homepage. Before the article section weren’t proportionate. Now the image section and text section have the same size for all the articles. I removed the border radius. It didn’t match the overall aesthetic of the website. I also changed the background-color of the button because it wasn’t clearly visible before.  Finally i updated the footer section and added the article page. Here is how it looks:

I still ned to work on the functionality aspect of the website. I have to complete the google map and sharable facebook link.

google slide

Finishing Up – 3rd Update

My website is about New York City but this website also could be used by any city for the tourist or visitors. It will attract outside people to visit the city and know about the city. I made some big change on my website since our last meeting.  In our last meeting, Professor Smith suggests me to do some change to my website. The first suggestion was tiling color, here are they now,

The second suggestion was fonts that used in the website, here are the change I made so far,


The third one was, text-wrap around the image in the articles.

Presentation slides.

Fourth Update

Hello everyone,

My first presentation was me showing the business model that I choose for my final project.  I choose to do SMM or social media marketing.  I gave a rundown of why I choose this for my final project as well as how I wanted to implement it.  In my previous presentation, I basically explained how I was going to accomplish my goals in a detailed timeline format.  Since then, I have decided to take a different approach and create a presentation towards a client.  In other words, I’m going to be setting up my slides as a well-crafted sales pitch for an actual client.  This will be beneficial for me in the long run because it will feel more real.


So the very first stage to this process will be prospecting the client.  I will be getting a client with a problem or pain point in their business where I can come in and provide them with a solution.

The next stage will be the meeting.  In this meeting, I will gather intel on the clients business, financial goals, etc.  I will get a better and in-depth understanding of their goals and what problems they wish for me to solve for them.  Most importantly I will get a chance to connect an empathize with them.  Finally, I will close the client with 4 no brainer questions at the end.

The final stage will be a follow-up meeting which will be the setting up and launching of the ad campaign for their business


Fourth Update

This is a very bittersweet moment since we are almost done with the semester!

Like we discussed last time we met, I wanted to actually look through magazines and recreate designs from a physical magazine rather than online.  For the examples I will be presenting, they are all layouts from the Departures magazine.

I still haven’t narrowed down a good Mock-up generator, I found this generator and already tried playing around with it a little bit. I had not heard of font squirrel before last class, so it was pretty fun browsing through the collections of fonts.  I still have some tweaking to do!


Third Update

It had been super challenging trying to keep up with the recreating a magazine layout per week.  So far I have been consistent with it and hopefully will continue to do so!

Creating these designs were a bit more challenging for me because it kind of forced me to relearn things in InDesign that I have otherwise forgotten about.