Knock, knock your grades are coming…

To date Below is a list of the work that could have been completed by today’s class.

  1. PS – Pen Tool
  2. PS – Hit the Target
  3. AE – Bounce the ball
  4. AE – Sneagator
  5. AE – Motion Tracking
  6. AE – Masking
Homework/Project Work Posts
  1. Movie Poster Asset Creation
  2. Movie Poster GIF Draft 1 with PS
  3. Movie Poster GIF Draft 2 with AE
  4. Movie Poster GIF Final with AE
  5. Text replaces Voice GIF with AE
  6. Text or emoji Motion Tracks with AE
  7. Masking emoji or text with AE

Moving forward we now have a grading scheme which we discussed.


From now on you will be allowed to finish quizes started in class by the next meeting. Also you have the opportunity to submit old quizes by next week as well. After next week though we move forward with quiz per week.

Late submission of posts is generally fine, but realize it’s tough to catch up! Try not to fall behind too much if you can.

As for the “post reflect” ten points that a point for each post which is following good blogging guidelines:

  • A thoughtful title.
  • An embedded media artifact relevant to the assignment (image, video, audio).
  • A clear statement of the post’s purpose.
  • At least one contextual link related to the post’s purpose.
  • A clear statement of reflection.
  • Appropriate grammar and syntax.

You’re welcome to update old posts to have them become eligible to receive this credit. If you have questions about any of this, please let me know.

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