Final Project idea

For my final  project I want to create a short scene using after effects.. My idea is for a kind of scene that you would find in a south park episode. But, my character will be a superhero ( cause i always wanted to make my own superhero).

One of the things i like about south park is how none of the cartoon are ever not in motion giving it a more life like persona.. For example even when the cartoons aren’t talking the eyes still place and move around. Even the background has movement throughout the scene i.e. the clouds moving from one side to another.

I want to create my own characters by scratch, hopefully I will learn how i could draw my characters and import them onto after effects. Also i want to create my own moving backgrounds.

One thought on “Final Project idea”

  1. Interesting idea,but how will you create your assets? I am doing something similar where I am drawing and coloring my own art work, and it is very time consuming. If you know of a faster way that would be of a great help to me.

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