Story Board Finale


So after a long wait the Animation is finally finished.

So how did this all come about.

First came the character files.



Having multiple files of different view points, perspectives, and colors, I did not need to then puppet warp any of my assets nor redraw the backgrounds that have already been set in stone.

Using the background I set my assets up to the positions that they will need to be in for their scene. Then since I have the arms set as separate assets from the body, I can move them freely without concern for distorting the images. screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-8-12-51-pm


Then, once the scenes have been complete, I collected them all together and strung them in Premier To create the video.

Since many of you have probably not read my web novel, ( I wish I could leave a link to it but the site is down until grades come in) Allow me to explain the scenes.

Scene 1

Spades (the young lass) needs to get ready for a ball. She looks into the mirror to make sure she is presentable. Then she realizes that she is not and must change into an out for the ball.

Scene 2

Spades walks to he closet to choose a dress as he guard Scarr sits on the window sill as he always does. Spades trusts Scarr a great deal and since she has not seen her mother in several years, she relies on Scarr approval for a great deal of things. thus why she asks him for help.

Scene 3

Spades opens the door and chuckles out of the thought that she would get to play dress up. The fact that Scarr is still on the window ledge should be remembered and him peering over is more of a thing for comedic effect.

Scene 4

Spades goes through three dresses (two of which were hand drawn. I gave up, not on drawing but on coloring since it was far too time consuming and I am very familiar with altering colors) all of which get rejected. It was not until I began writing this post that I realized that I forgot to include Scarr’s eyebrows, But It was too late to change that.

Scene 5

Spades in a sense, forgets what she is doing and changes into a summer night gown. Scarr reminds her what she is supposed to be doing and when she looks down, she is completely surprised and embarrassed that she wobbles away. This awkward walking scene if supposed to look by all means strange since is embarrassed and feels awkward.

Scene 6

returning to main focus, Spades returns to trying on clothes only to end back on the first dress she had on with the approval form Scarr.

Scene 7

this scene fills in the gap of spades looking around her room, trying to remember what else she had to do only to find herself looking back into the mirror and repeating the whole process again.

Animating this piece was not an easy feet, nor was it a difficult issue. To me, it felt like second nature. What killed me was the coloring. It pointed out the fact that I need to learn better ways of coloring and illustration. While in my artistic eyes, it is very unappealing, it has potential. Also the fact that I can say “I animated this all by myself” is a prize that I love. Greedy, perhaps. It was a great semester and I am looking forward to animating more soon.

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