Final Project


Above is a single loop of my project hosted on Youtube, but is meant to be watched as a loop. I used Infinitelooper to do that. Watch it here. I wanted to keep the sound so I needed to stick with a video service. But here’s the GIF without sound. Not as fun!


gym-treadmillI first created the assets (fluffball body, arms, legs, treadmill bed) in photoshop, and brought them over to after effects. I then proceeded to put everything together. First, I had to maneuver the treadmill bed I created onto the original treadmill bed in the background picture using the 3D tool. It was tricky because I had to do two separate ones , and cut one of them to create the curve at the end of the bed.

I then went on to make the fluffball body look as though it was moving on the treadmill. I had two versions of the fluffball – one of which I used the puppet warp tool to make the fluff sort of stand up all around so it could look like it was bouncing on the treadmill later on. I put the two versions together using keyframes for the opacity and scale.

I brought the fluffball composition into the background picture composition of the gym. Then, I added the limbs and parented them to the fluffball. I made the legs seem as though they were moving by using rotation keyframes. I also made the right arm stretch by using the puppet warp tool again.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-51-30-pmAs the fluffball bounced around the gym, I used scale keyframes to make it seem like it was getting further and closer. I also rotated the fluffball to make it seem like it was lying face down on the ground once it finally landed. I then rotated it again to make it seem like it got up, and then had it walk away off screen nonchalantly as if nothing embarrassing just happened.

The last step I did, was add the audio.

Assests for final project

Below are my assests for my final project. I found a fluffball on the internet, and used the pen tool to cut out all four of its limbs as well as its body.










For the body, I made two copies. The first one being the monster in its regular state (feet planted on the ground). The second one is the monster in the air as its running (feet off the ground). I used the puppet warp tool in photoshop to create this look. I plan to go back on forth between the two bodies while the monster is running on the treadmill to make it look a little more realistic because people sort of bounce a little as they run. Hair may go up and down as they run, in the monster’s case it’ll be his fluff.

fluffball-2 fluffball-1

I created a treadmill belt so that I can show it moving in the project. I did it in photoshop by simply making a rectangle with a black fill. I then went “effect-happy.” The effects I used were: Pointillize, Oil Paint, Solarize, Diffuse, Facet, and Twirl all in that order. Then I went to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast to darken it because all of the effects lightened it up to a medium gray which is not the color I wanted as a treadmill belt.


Self Evaluation Quiz

………………Done       To Be Done/Make-Up            Total

  • Quizzes          6                      6                                   12
  • Work Posts     3                      8                                11 x 2
  • Work Posts w/ Ref   3            7                                    10
  • Comments      0                     5                                     5
  • Attendance     5                     0                                    5


TOTAL = 54



I chose to do a Garfield GIF for this post. I used the text tool to create visual words to replace the sound with. I then went into each text layer to animate the words. I used scale for most, as well as position, or no animation at all to give a bit of variety. I used Comic Sans for the font, and added a stroke color – black. At first, I put the font color as yellow but didn’t like that it didn’t stand out how I wanted it to, so I just opted for the white instead. Overall, a very helpful tool. There are so many different things that can be done with text, and this is just the beginning.

Beetlejuice Gif

Below is the original Beetlejuice poster.




My first gif (below) was simple & needed to look more realistic as far as beetlejuice’s hand throwing Adam’s head in the air.

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In my final version of my gif, I used the puppet warp tool in After Effects to try to move all of Beetlejuice’s limbs. I also added Beetlejuice stepping on Lydia (the small figure in red), and her getting stuck to the bottom of his shoe, then him flinging her to the side. This is how it came out….