Self Evaluation

Based on the way professor said to calculate our grade here is what I got. I know I have alot to catch up on and I am not making no excuses but I have my reasons for slacking but there is no point of complaining because there is really nothing that should hold me back from school but this is what I calculated and I plan on before finals week to get most of my posts and quizzes that I havent done posted.

(Post Done)        (Will Be Done)        (Total)        (Final)

  1. Quizzes                 6/12                     6                              6                  6
  2. Work Post             3/12                     9                             3*2               6
  3. Work Post/Ref      3/10                     7                                3                 3
  4. Comments            5/5                                                        5                 5
  5. Attendance           9/11                                                       9                 9                                                                                                                        29 Points

Prison Break


I decided to use the pen tool to crop out Michael Scofield and instead of the shadows you see in his face which are are jail bar shadows, I want to actually put him behind a real Jail Cell.


Here I cropped him out and I am gonna remove the shadows on his face and put behind a Jail Cell and most likely add a new background. One that looks a little better than the original one.