Final Project: Who’s Your Daddy?

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For my final project I wanted to make a gif which acted as a remix to your typical Maury episode with the characters from Star Wars. I was inspired by the famous line performed by Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back, “Luke, I am your father.”

Over the weekend I lost my flash drive so I had to start from scratch with a couple hours left. The pressure helped to get the job done though. Of course, nothing runs smoothly so I had a couple set backs..

First, being the fact that my video kept freezing I had to import ot to Adobe Premiere then export it. .

Then I was able to go to After Effects and start my project, but of course I messed something up, so I had to switch computers.

Here is a screenshot of the actual After Effects project.. look at all those null objects.

I’m happy with how everything turned out. I can see strengths and improvements that need to be made but overall I think my original concept was illustrated well in the gif.

Some tools I used to get the project done were:

The Pen Tool
Null Objects
Motion Tracking
Text Editor
Style with Text (Star Wars font)


So the worst thing that could happen, happened.

First, my usb wasn’t working.

Now, it’s been misplaced.

So, tomorrow morning, I will be in the lab until class time starting over. I’ll still be attempting to do my Star Wars gif using multiple lessons we learned this semester, but it will be a little shorter due to the circumstances. Hopefully my work is still saved on my cpu, but if not… May the force be with me.

Self Evaluation Quiz

After calculating the work that I’ve done this semester, not including this counting as a quiz, and the work to be done in the next two weeks. These are the results for my final grade:


I know I could do better, so I’m going to try and do some extra work over the weekend since moving during Thanksgiving was not a possibility. Foolish but honest. In the next two weeks I would like to at least get to a 50.


For my final project I will be putting a spin on a Maury Povich Show episode with the cast of Star Wars.

So far for the project i have cut out my assets using the pen tool with the help of the pen tool tutorial to refresh me on some things. I’ll be using these assets for motion tracking in the video. Here they are –


Luke Skywalker:lukeasset Princess Leia:princessasset Padme:padmeasset Darth Vader:darthvader


After preparing by creating my assets, I started thinking about the opening crawl. The beginning of every Star Wars movie starts with the image of yellow words scrolling up into the galaxy. Usually it is some background info for what’s going on in the Empire.

I want to start out my project the same way so i found a similar background and I’m working on my script. starwarsintroIt should go something like this:

Episode X

Who’s Your Daddy?

In a galaxy not so far away, the light and dark side face each other again

in a battle of babies. Padme Amidala and Darth Vader, the once noble jedi

Anakin, join us today on the Maury Povich show to find out if the new darth is the father to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. This love gone wrong is forbidden. Let’s see if the DNA results were worth coming clean to the Empire of this scandal.

I found out that the font used for the intro is called News Gothic Bold so that’s what I’ll use when creating the intro. I found this tutorial that I’ll be using to help me construct everything for the intro:

The Real Civil War Battle

For my motion tracking project, I decided to take a scene from Captain America: Civil War. In my opinion this was one of the funnier witty moments in the film because it sheds light on the timeless civil war in New York: Queens vs Brooklyn:

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A couple of things I kept in mind while working with text on this gif:

Alignment: I chose to have all of Captain America’s dialogue to the right of him, meanwhile Spiderman’s was on the left.

Font: Being that Captain America and all other super heroes in the movie originated from comic books, I figured that the font “Comic Sans” was most fitting.

Stroke: Just to make sure each character owned their words I made the stroke on their dialogue different colors. Captain America had a blue stroke on his words, and Spiderman had red.

Size: Since I’m from Queens, you know who won this war. I chose to have Spiderman’s dialogue always remain bigger than Captain America’s. This was extremely obvious when he said “QUEENS” and I made the size of the text large and used caps lock.

Here’s a look at the process ..

One of the best tips I learned while doing this project was to use command+left/right brackets to cut items to where i needed.

Who’s Your Daddy?

So we’re a little past the middle of the semester and everything is starting to feel like Mission Impossible. Now the question is, what’s next?

At first I had the idea to work on Snapchat filters, but soon realized that snapchat limits you to uploading .PNG files only.

The next best thing to turn to was Star Wars. One of the most famous lines in the trilogy was, “Luke, I am your father.” What if there was a plot twist? I plan on using motion tracking to remix a video from The Maury Povich Show when the DNA results come back in negative.

In the beginning of the video I’m going to attemot to use 3-D layers to create the famous intro scene. This will incorporate my text skills as well.



This is the video I plan on using:


I’ll be using the pen tool to create assets with these pictures:

Luke Skywalker –


Princess Leia –

Padme – padme

Darth Vader –



Ballin! Text in AE


For this text project I decided to use the song “We Fly High” by Harlem based rapper, Jim Jones. It got popular in 2007 and to this day everyone still screams the lyrics at parties. I approached it in a sing-along style where the words pop up as they’re being said for you to follow.

When it came to choosing the text, I tried to use one that was more urban looking since it’s a rap song. I changed the color and size of the text for “balling” because that’s the climax of the video where everybody screams along.