My Fairy Tale / Nightmare

What I learn from this project that you have to know where you going to have a plan and do it. With this project it was process of discovering meanwhile at the same time discovering what I wanted to achieved.

I will definitely work on it after the final, I know there is a lot to improve.

Work hard on my assets and I’m happy with the outcome of the same the technical aspect needs a lot of work which I’m very open to doing.

It all Started with:

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71screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-43-11-pmI made a creepy tree out of other trees

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-47-17-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-51-25-pmThe results

Work in progress for Gaby fairy tale

The theme is just some random pictures I took last summer in Prospect Park with my friends in ballroom dresses. My idea was to recreate the scenes of the fairy tales “Princess in the woods”, which was an idea that excited me a lot the only problem was that I had all the require elements but didn’t have a good canvas to work on my images were flat.


Like you see I spend a lot of time cutting her out but the pic wasn’t convincing me.


This is why I decided to go for this other picture.



Now recreating a deeper forest noooooooooooooo.





My first idea on what’s next with my motion graphics skills, I thought of improving my poster assignment.


After Professor explanation in class I was inspired to work in a project that I have had on mind for some time already.

I have a passion for photography an during the summer I did a little photoshoot with my friends where they dress like nymphs in Prospect Park. What originally I had on my mind was enchanted forest and lost princess.


A little preview of what I have to work with.


And what it all came down to is to work with 3D Layers in After Effects