Final Project

Hello Everyone,

This class has finally come to an end and there was lots of techniques and applications that I learned during the duration of this class. This final project was one of the most difficult projects I ever had since it all came down to creativity.

The application that I used for this project was majority After Effects and a little bit of Photoshop. Over the course of finishing this final project I’ve learned quite a lot about After Effects. The one two tools that I used through out was the Pen tool and Masking. The pen tool was one of the difficult tools to understand since it required me to make lines around the image that I wanted to use. In this case Christian Bale who had a chainsaw in his hand chasing after a prostitute. For every frame I had to pen tool around every piece of movement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.24.30 PM


The masking is not the best, some places are very clunky and needs to be a bit tighter. I also had issues with having too much points around the image. When I deleted some it took the points with it so I had to redo the the anchors. With knowing the problem I was able to make improvements but they were just minor since I could not see most the he masks.


For this GIF I used the scene from the movie Psycho. This is a scene where he was running towards the house so I have Bale running from the right as though he is stopping him in a way. The second GIF that created is from the same movie but with the famous bathroom scene. I took a small portion of the video where she is already taking a shower and the door is opening. I transformed Bale so he can appear from the left instead of the right. I also made him larger in scale and also changing the opacity.



So this is my gif that I created. As you can see that this isn’t that perfected. There is still a lot tough edges that I could not really see when I was masking the area around him. In the previous posts I put up a picture of the masking process which was pretty difficult at the time but now that I look at the amateur finished product it looks pretty good. I have already found one background to place it on and it was the Psycho movie scene where the male antagonist is running so I let Bale pop up from the side.


I plan on adding more of him into different scenarios. One is not really good enough since he is worthy of being in a lot of other gifs. I just have to think of where he could fit in without being to critical.

Creative Block: Project Update EDIT

Now i understand why most people in art or in computer graphics may have something called creative block. Since I first started this project I have been thinking of ways to input:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.24.30 PM

Into a background of some sort that will work with the moving image. But that is the problem I’ve thought of pokemon(no-go), horror movies where people are running and he comes to the rescue. I even thought of the Breakfast Club movie where the kids were running away from there teacher during detention. But nothing has come to mind. I’m not sure if I’m not trying hard enough or that I’m just creatively stumped at the moment.

Edit: Okay so I finally found a video that may work with the mask I have cut out.

I can shrink Chainsaw Christian Bale to the size of the cat. I’m not sure how I can cancel out the sound of the cat’s meow to just hear the chainsaw by itself. I would have to mask and bam Christian Bale is in it’s place.


My proposal for my motion project will a scene from American Psycho starring Christian Bale. The scene I will be using is where he is chasing a prostitute who witnesses him killing another, with a chainsaw. There is a part where he emerges from the door looks at her and revs the chainsaw.

The way I want to use this scene is similar to Jack Nicolisins “Here’s Johnny” scene. I am not sure where the background is going to be to implement Christian Bale in.

The method I went to take out Bale from the film is to mask while using the pen tool. I tried rotoscoping but I found using one mask and the pen tool for each frame actually simple. Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.44.42 PM

The photo above shows the pen tool method I chose. Further in the frames as you can see I have a lot of points that aren’t really in use. In the earlier frames where it takes more points to encompass the image it didn’t seem a big deal until the character moved forward facing the camera. I would delete the points but an error pops up explaining that if I delete on point it  is deleted through each frame. I did that once and I had to redo every frame.  I’m not sure if there is a simpler way to delete without changing each frame.

The photo below shows the amount of frames I used just using one mask. Before I did this I had about 10 different masks(lol) and it looked like a cluttered mess. This is easier to handle. Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.45.08 PM

Sherlock is bored

Text Animation is a new experience for me. I’ve seen many text animations on YouTube and also tumblr. For me I’ve see a majority on Tumblr since it’s known for GIFS and photos. Choosing a clip was probably the hardest part for me. I do not watch a lot of movies and tv shows so finding something that I would enjoy was a problem. While searching through tv shows that I previously watched and remembered one of my favorite shows pop up in my head. I do not know why it took so long but I decided to go with BBC’s Sherlock. Not only is this tv show excellent in my book but it also is a good resource. Sherlock is a suspense, comedy detective show. Most people should know the type of person Sherlock.

Searching through Youtube I looked through the funny moments videos. Also finding the right quality while I was at it. The clip that I decided to do was a scene where Sherlock is literally shooting at the wall of his shared apartment with Watson and there landlady. Watson comes up stairs wondering what his crazy roommate is doing only to find out he is bored. Only Sherlock.

The process of making the text fit with the scene was simple. The dialogue is short and simple so I was spared typing out a long sentence. There was more sounds since Sherlock is shooting a gun and in order to present it in a way with hearing the audio since it will be a GIF I decided to type the word “*bang*” for every gun shot. With that the viewer will be able to know what is truly happening without sound.Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 3.55.51 PM

The text I used for this was the Imprint MT Shadow. I was going to go with the different font for the “bang” but I was not not able to do so. For each character I changed the color. Watson’s text color is blue while Sherlocks is yellow. While the sounds are in white.

The process was fun to do and I think it came out pretty well as a beginners work.

Sherlock is Bored


Skyfall GIF Version 2.0

Taking it a step further from photoshop I took my poster gif to AfterEffects. The process of manipulating was easier then when in photoshop. The first step was to take the assets that I created in photoshop and place them into AfterEffects. So deleting all the unnecessary layers, saving it in a separate files and then importing said file into AfterEffects was the easy part. Once the assets were imported I thought about doing more on the movement on Bond’s arm.

In photoshop I used the puppet warp, there is a similar tool in AfterEffects that allow me to do the same thing. As I was trying to move the arm I came into an issue. When moving the arm the entire chest area would also move. So what I had to do with suggestions from others I went back into photoshop and I cut out the arm and a piece of his chest. To make it look attached still I used the stamp tool to color in the jagged lines that would make it obvious. I then imported the file back into AfterEffects and was able to manipulate the arm freely.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.40.10 PM

The second step I decided to move the arm a bit more since it is the only thing moveable at this point. So same as photoshop similar to the puppet warp tool I placed points on the arm that was detached from photoshop to move again. As you can see above those are the points I used to move the arm up to his chest. It took awhile to make the arm look as it it was a regular arm since initially you cannot see his elbows. Of course when you see the full gif you can tell the difference. I tried to sharpen it up but I didn’t but to mess with it so much that it looked bad then it already is.

As a plus I decided to add a bird into the fray. found a bird that was large enough to cut but small enough to fit on the image itself, which was pretty simple. The scenario I had in my head was to make the bird fly across the top of the gif above bonds head. As bond is lifting his arm he’s annoyed that that bird is flying so close so he shoots it. At this point the bird and bonds arms are at the same point. I drew in a shape that looked like a bullet in shape layer. I also had to move that in relation to the bird and bonds arms. I pulled back the timeline also so you wouldn’t see the bullet until a certain point. After the bullet hit the bird, I made the bird fall straight down. I used the motion blur to help with the fluid movement of the bullet hitting the bird and the bird falling. I also used the Easy Ease and Easy In options so it can be more smoother and not harsh.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.42.41 PM


towards the end I decided to make the head move up and down. To do this I went back into photoshop and cut out the head. In my case I made 3 different detachments since I didn’t know which one would work the best.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.47.25 PM

I tried the first too but there was too much of a white spaces when he moved his head down so I decided to go with the third head option. There is still a gap between the head but it isn’t as bad as the first two when I tried it out. I also added a text and a brush tool. When the bird is almost out of view I have the word “Sky” scratched out and on the top I have the “Bird” inserted there as a joke.

This project wasn’t bad at all. Gave me alot of headaches since I’m not used to animation as much but it was interesting and fun to do. Of course this is a lot of issues with some white spaces being seen and some parts of the head and arm not being sharp enough, but it was a good learning experience in the end.


My first glitch GIF experience

My first ever glitch gif was actually pretty fun. I did it on my iphone so finding good FREE glitch apps was a bit difficult. The apps that the professor was using was 99 cents and I didn’t feel like buying something that I would not use as much. So I searched for some free apps and only one caught my eye. The name of the app is called MoonShadow. An independent app that was very easy to use with no in app purchases which is always nice. Instead they had a option called cheat codes which you could go on there twitter and you can find hints to the codes to be able to use more options out of there app.

When making my gif I decided to use it on my laptop. I was watching anime Haikyu (Which is very good by the way.) Anyway I decided to use two of there features. One which is called collapse. It gives off a the feeling the the image falling into the circle from the outside in. It also distorted the coloring around the image. The second feature I used was called huey. It changed the colors so it would look like a continuous color wave. This was an interesting assignment to do, I had fun doing it.


Skyfall is dripping blood


The movie poster that I’ve decided to edit is James Bond’s Skyfall poster. The poster for me is very simple and I thought that having blood drip at the bottom of bond drip a bit lower then the original.

What I did was use a tool called the Puppet Warp. I’ve never used this tool until today but it is very simple and easy to understand the basics. I actually used the puppet warp for majority of the gif that I created. I first started off with the blood at the bottom of Bond’s body. When using this tool all you see is just rows of lines around the image you are trying to warp. Depending on where you DON’T want the image to move you place points on any part of the image that is selected. For me I placed the points mostly on the body and on some of the blood so that when I do move what I want to move the rest of the image does not follow suite, as seen below.

puppet warp example.

While using that method I was able to create the blood dripping effect as seen below.

Top row from left to right: blood drip 1, blood drip 2
Bottom row from left to right: blood drip 3, blood drip 4

blood drip 1 blood drip 2 blood drip 3 blood drip 4

The next thing I wanted to try is is the move the hand holding the gun. In order to achieve that I also used the puppet warp tool to move his hand back and forth. It was pretty difficult at first to use move the hand around since I did not want to move the entire arm exactly. An issue with the puppet warp tool was that for every movement you have to save and start over with the points on a copied layer. Most times I had the points in the places, but i was able to fix it later on.


For the first time using it, it’s not perfect but it is good. Using the puppet warp tool was pretty fun and I wouldn’t mind using it a bit more.

This was the ending the result of the first try.


There were a few bumps to fix the issue. As you can see above you could see the lines of the background image. While reviewing the issues I used the clone stamp to hide the arm so when I added the other layers there was no extra lines in the image. I also had an issue with not seeing the arm moving. It seemed as though the opacity was at 0%, so that was an easy fix.