Prior Proposal for Chibi


ramen1 ramen2 ramen3 ramen4

The idea I had for the proposal for the final project is to make a Chibi cooking show. I am inspired by the many anime shows I’ve watched in the past, in everyone of these shows I have always noticed their food. The details were always draw in such fine detail. At times it made me question wether or not it was truly illustrated by hand or if it was actual photographs that had been taken in real life. For example, here are some examples of the food that have appealed to me that are taken from inside anime:

My first step in starting this project would be to create a Chibi, for time conserving purposes I always loved going to Deviant Art to look for their bases. A base (in terms of chibi making) is a layer to which you can draw on top of and create your very own personalized Chibi. My Chibi would be the main character for my show. Inside the project, will be of our chibi showing us how to make Ramen noodle. In order for her to show us this, we will have to go through the steps.

The very first step I would try to show is to have the ramen packet on the table, then I will have another picture of the ramen noodle (this picture would be of the actual ramen noodle itself).  The most important element to cooking ramen noodles are their seasonal soup packet and this picture will be placed beside the ramen noodle. I will also include a bowl and some chopsticks. These will all be my assets. For a more realistic look, I will google the real life picture for all of them.


ramennoodlecut ramennoodlecut2

After I gather all my assets I will cut them out of their background in photoshop. I will turn them into separate layers.

There will be a table that is placed in the foreground. The Chibi will be able to move within the two layers of foreground and background (meaning on top of the background but behind the back ground.)

My final goal for my chibi to do is to walk towards the back of the kitchen and turn on the stove. I want her to touch the knob, and have fire blaze from the gas holes. It will look like she had just turned on the stove. In order to have this effect I am planning on having a zoomed in picture of a gas stove. Then I will draw three different versions of fire in photoshop: a slight flame, to a medium flame, and a higher flame. To have that ‘blaze’ effect I will alternate layers as slight flame, medium flame, higher flame, back to slight flame again. And then slight flame continuously…. I can even add in the sound affect of the gas stove ticking to lit!




Chibi Kitchen


For my actual final project, I’ve done something that was entirely different. The idea I had in the beginning was to make Ramen Noodles, but after some consideration. I decided it would’ve been more fun to back a cake. It turns out each idea had their own kind of difficulty. There was great hope for this project, as it was discussed that the idea was functional. And with the Chibi already coming into formation during the time of the first class, I thought I could have her move more fluidly. For example, Professor Smith had showed tutorials as to how to make my Chibi come to life a bit more with the help of After Effects. I wanted to have her move around on its own, in a less rigid way.


The first thing I did for this project was create a Chibi. To create a Chibi I went to Deviant art for the base. When I found the base, I started to draw the details onto the Chibi. I gave her pink violet eyes and turquoise hair. I thought the color combination was very aesthetically appealing and it was unique. For the chibi drawing I simply used my mouse to create shapes to which I filled with colors. After I drew onto my Chibi base, I went onto Google to search for an outfit. After I found the outfit from the net, I cut it out from the background and pasted it to match the Chibi and resized it.

The next step I did was found my background picture of the kitchen. For the background image I chose something roomy, with this roomy picture I will use an furniture inside and build on it. For example I had an Oven. For the Oven I built layers on top of it. These layers included a raw version of the uncooked cake batter, then a cooked (albeit slightly burned version) of the same batter. To imitate the version of the cake cooking, I made the oven flash a few times signally intense heat. I used a dodge brush to create the heat ‘glow’. I thought for this part I’ve done successfully because in the end it really did look like the cake was being baked.

After I worked on building the layers for my Oven, I started to find my other assets. My other assets included the salt, the sugar, the flour, eggs (versions of the egg being cracked, whole, and split), the butter, milk, a mixing bowl, and a spoon. After all my assets were found I created an individual layer for all of them. Some layers I had to create two layers of because I want to show the Chibi character doing things with the same product in different positions. It was a very tedious process because when you have two versions of a subject and you want to create the illusion of the Chibi manipulating the object around, you need to hide one of the objects. If you do not hide one of the identical objects, then they will appear in the same frame.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.08.36 PM

As I was working on the project I developed a love for Photoshop and it’s GIF function. I could literally create a whole movie, if I illustrated every frame in a uniformed fashion. I believe it would have been much easier for a professional who knew the tricks of the trade, for I had to turn the eyes off for the layers that had the extra object. And since I had 20 frames, I need to shut the eyes for around 15+ for most of the items. You will see the box that exposes the layers normally in Photoshop in the lower right hand corner.

In Photoshop I really felt like I was animating something with each layer. I replayed it often just to check if it had a very smooth flow for every one of my frames. I believed for the most part, the audience was able to see that my chibi was attempting to make a cake. They would perhaps question why in the world is she putting flour, salt, sugar and stirring them inside the bowl when there is already a cake in the oven, and wonder if our Chibi is trying to make two cakes? Then there is the movement of the milk jug that moved across the frame by itself…Was there possible help from supernatural forces?

I was so comfortable working in the chaotic world of Photoshop that I didn’t leave myself enough time and energy to import all of my assets into AfterEffects and play with the gadgets there. I do admit that Aftereffects probably do have more mature and adult-y function than Photoshop, It would be a quest that I will have to look into another time .


flour-packaging-26a eggandeggyolk






Not Your Average Cinderella

IMG_5429  This was the Movie poster that I chose to edit and turn into a GIF. The first step I chose to do was got out both the figure from the background. To do this I opened a new page and cloned the original image into a new one. I chose to do this because I wanted to save the original image. I also gave the female another expression, the expression of having her eyes half closed.  To cut out the figure from the background I used the polygonal lasso tool, and started to find the edges of the character from the background. I did this little by little for detailed areas. And I did larger chunk for wider Simpler areas. Then I used the eraser tool and started erasing. For the eye movements I used the smudged tool to try to re-draw the eyes.


The next step I did was manipulate the background. I first created the base layer.

IMG_5420 IMG_5424 IMG_5426

The original color for this image was blue, but for my intense effect I changed the color of the image to red. To change the layer of the image can be done in a variety of ways. You can either change the color manually. Meaning you would first have to go to the very top of the window and go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation> and Hue to the color you want your image to have. And the rest of the layer is saved separately. Along with the final version,with all the layer combined through hard light.


The next step I did was to combine the layer that has been cut out from the previous image and put it atop the new layer. I then used the ‘Cinderella’ that I had previously cut out from the original layer and added it onto the new image.


Which would lead to my Final image: