Sparta with Explosion








This is the Character in GIF form, you guys are more than welcome to use it if you like..


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 4.07.16 PM

This is what I’ve been working on for so many hours, as you guys can see it’s very competitive to work with a very challenging background like that.. especially when the colors are very close, the character’s nose is basically the same color as the background. It took me so long to get to rotoscope the character and separate it. Thank god I was successful enough.


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 4.07.24 PM

This is the footage I used as my final “Explosion”, I wanted to work with having like a funny background. I’ll work with my character within different footage, but now I have the character with a transparent background which makes it a lot easier.


I finally got to finish my project… So I got this Character from the movie 300 of Sparta, while his turning scene.. and I used an explosion footage.. the video isn’t that long.. I worked so hard with the RotoBrush which was fun but at the same time a lot of work.. After I took out the character from the background of the original footage.. The shot is an extreme close up, I tried and played around I thought I can make smaller and like rotate it then add any type of background.. but later I realized that I won’t be able to see the rest of his head nor the rest of his body, so it would definitely look far off the footage I’m trying to link to.. So I decided to just leave it as it is.. so I won’t face “Edges” problems and that’s what I came up with..

This is SPARTA!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.37.24 PM


I personally enjoyed this project so much.. when I checked the fonts that I had on my after effects, honestly none of them were fit to the movie’s genre, so I decided to install the GREEK font type and that’s what I used for my video.

On the personal level I enjoy this movie and I thought it was¬†the best to choose. Please take a look at the video… waiting for the comments ūüėČ

Final Post

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.32.33 PM

Finally this is my last project that I worked on with after effects, and I’m glad I made it up to that point, it was a lot of work, whether working on Photoshop or After Effects, but I believe I have learned a lot of great stuff, such as getting deep with photoshop, I had knowledge of it but I learned a lot of new cool stuff after that project. I worked with after effects, it was impressive but pretty new for me to use, but over all it was a great experience.


Progression update

This is part of my progression, what I updated in here was basically seeing the ball going through the net and looks as natural, which took me quite long to finish as I had to fix each and every little thing with the net,


I finally came up with the story. My dad got into¬†a terrible car accident 11 years ago, which left¬†him paralyzed,and he had to be on a wheel chair. After this accident my dad felt helpless and despair, he thought that nothing will ever be the same, everything was hard, especially my dad’s situation that he was a squash coach and athlete, he wasn’t really a basketball player but he was a squash player, this game called racquet ball in the United States of America. After what happened to him, it was nearly impossible for him to play squash again, and still actually. When we moved to the United States, I thought that it is very brilliant ¬†and inspiring to see disabled people playing different type of sports, unfortunately my dad wasn’t positive about anything in his life so the idea of living was very challenging for him. I feel so bad that until now I haven’t seen disabled people playing Squash, but I got to say that whoever has any kind of disability, they should not give up like my father, I have seen the disappointment in my father’s eyes and I wouldn’t wanna see that happening to anyone, life is still full of other beautiful things, we can get sick, we can feel desperate but at some point life isn’t about bad things there are good things out there as well. I just hope I could convince my father that no matter what happened you should always have hope. I do have hope that my dad will get better, just the minute he feels that he will get better I’m pretty sure he will, and if he believes it and look at the bright side, I’m sure everything will change.

Anyway after this point of my project’s progression, I haven’t really started working with after affects yet, as I’m still getting to figure out the rest of my story.


What I want to learn- Interesting

This video was made right after Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar, It is about his different roles that he have made during his career’s path, probably this video won’t relate to anything from what we usually do and work on class.¬†I checked it¬†when I was going over my Facebook and I kind of wondered if I could do a video like that, how can I change faces like that it’s really cool, what did they use? Is it just a montage, someone edited each picture? or is it motion graphics? I hope you guys could take a look at the video, and let me know what is the best way that would allow me to create a video like this one.





First Project




This is the stable basket ball picture that I worked on to make it move from one place to another here is the original picture:



But I did not use the pen tool that everyone used to make things move, it was pretty simple I only used to layers, and I started playing with the Video animator feature and that’s how I came up with¬†the process of it moving around.. Now what I’m trying to work on is showing this ball moving up and down through the rim, but it’s actually very competitive because I’ve been working on fixing the edges between the net and the rim itself, hopefully I’ll be posting a GIF of the basketball moving differently soon, following a video of the background moving and that’s through my work with after effects..