Final Project

For the final project, I decided to make something with super saiyan effects. I couldn’t find a good footage at first. Then professor Smith reminded me that my favorite character Leonardo is a good choice. So I found out one video of him that is good to use in my project.

I did this project in photoshop. To do this project, I spent a lot of time on using pen tool to hand draw various shapes of super saiyan hair and lightning. It was difficult at first, because I had no idea how to hand draw those hairs. Then professor Smith taught me how to use pen tool to copy super saiyan hairs from other video and fix them into the shape that matches my character. Then I used brush tool to fill the empty part and eraser tool to erase extra part. After several failures, I started doing successfully. I have created 26 different super saiyan hairs.

hair3 hair4 hair5 hair6 hair7 hair8 hair9 hair10 hair11 hair12 hair13 hair14 hair15 hair16 hair17 hair18 hair19 hair20 hair21 hair22 hair23 hair24 hair25 hair26 hair1 hair2

Those are the hairs I’ve created. After creating hairs, I started to hand draw lightning by using brush tool. Professor smith showed to me the point to make the lightning look more real is to shake hand when drawing. It was not easy at all. After I finish hand draw 23 different lightning, I can barely feel my hand. But looking at the work I’ve done, I feel like everything is worth.

lightning 1 lightning 2 lightning 3 lightning 4 lightning 5 lightning 6 lightning 7 lightning 8 lightning 9 lightning 10 lightning 11 lightning 12 lightning 13 lightning 14 lightning 15 lightning 16 lightning 17 lightning 18 lightning 19 lightning 20 lightning 21 lightning 22 lightning 23

The last part is to add effects. By adding outer glow and inner glow to make hairs and lightning more effective. About this part, I search online and found a video that teaches about how to make good outer and inner glow of super saiyan effects.

Here is the video I used for the footage:

Here is the video that I learn super saiyan effects from:

In this project, the assets those hand draw by pen tool I feel were successful. I spent the most of my time on them. The effects part I think I could use some improvement. Normally when super saiyan transform, they have a yellow aura around them. Like this:


I did some research about how to make this effect, but the most of them used some different technique tools that are not in photoshop. And I didn’t have enough time to learn more about it. But I will keep improving this project after this class.

The intention of the this animation is because of I always like Dragon Ball. I see many people post their work about this super saiyan effect online. So I wanted to make my own work and see how much I can do. I believe my work is successful. Even though it is not as good as those wonderful works online, but I made it. This is my work and it only belongs to me.

Idea About Turn Johnson To A Super Saiyan

My idea is to turn Dwayne Johnson to a super saiyan when he’s angry. At first, I’ll choose a image of his happy face, and then change to a angry face, and when he’s angry, he grows hair and turn into a super saiyan.

image01 image02

I may choose one of the pictures here. And below is the image of super saiyan. I will take his hair and put it on Johnson’s head.


Just like these.

image04image05 image06

Put Jack Sparrow into Titanic

I couldn’t find a good footage at first. Then professor taught me how to make my own footage.


By using roto brush tool, I took off the background  and make Jack Sparrow as my footage.

Then I put Jack Sparrow into the Titanic besides the Leonardo.

Jack Sparrow looked higher than Leonardo at first. So I drag him to the lower position, and now they are match perfectly.