Final project/Post

This my final Project

The Tools i used for my final project  which  is a high quality gif is very simple for example like masking  , motion Tracking, Wiggle Expression, text ,  and i have to say  i’m happy with the outcome of my final project, i think i  nailed on all my check points for my final project   I have to say that Motion Tracking Tutorial  & Wiggle Expression  Tutorial  really help out my final project big time and the tutorials are really helpful , i would recommend these tutorials to any body trying to learn motion tracking or wiggle expression . On the other hand i have to say i do need to improve on my masking skill , i believe i could have done a better job on making in my project but overall  i’m happy on how it came out.

The reason why choose high quality gifs are that one ‘m big fan of them and two i wanted to make one for my self and see if i’m successful at it . i decided  to  pick a sense from one of my favorite movie of all time Rush Hour 2. , and i i believe the story was a successful one   i got all the motion tracking, wiggle expression  ,and some some masking spot on . For the most part I’m happy with project and i think i did a very good job on it.

Different from the post the post i thought this  gif  supersaiyngif

of Goldberg  was awesome  i  want  to really learn how to do that  i’m vey inspired by the super saiyn  gif there my favorite gifs

Ideas for the the final Project

AS i was researching  for ideas for my final project i think i want to   either make  a High Quality GIF or a Super Saiyan GIF . i think it will be cool to get a piece  of video and re  edit it  with your my own ideas , and from looking  at some High Quality gifs videos and super saiyan  i’m certain for  sure i i want make   one those videos . Also her e is some example of what type of gifs i want to make.

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Cubs are going to the World Series!!!

Happy mask Emoji


the process in making this mask was not difficult

  • first use must use the pen tool and  draw what you want mask out
  • two you must close the shape and edit
  • third make sure you have to two videos open by just copying and pasting
  • Four insert any emoji in the video   crop it to right size of what ever you mask out
  • finally just track the motion of the video   by using the parent tool  in After effect on the lower left hand corner
  • screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-4-29-34-pm