Final Project Update

So I lucked out and found sprites (elements) from the actual game 


So First I put the elements into Photoshop and I cropped out the elements I needed like the “Press Start” and the player 1 stamina bar. I also downloaded the NBA JAM Font and I went in Photoshop and added Curry’s name to the bar. 


I put the Stephen Curry footage into After Effects along with the elements that I cropped out. and I lined up all the elements in the footage just like the actual video game until I was satisfied.


The next step in After Effects was to track the basketball and make the basketball look like it is on fire so I managed to find some stock footage of some fire and I used the motion tracking feature on After Effects to track the basketball and I used keyframes to adjust the fire to fit the basketball


Next I had to make the scoreboard blink. All I    did was take a screenshot of  the video, and use the rectangle tool in photoshop to crop the scoreboard and i used the paint tool and made the “121” red.


   And I ended up with this..

Final Project Idea

For my Final project, I decided to follow in Bleacher Report’s footsteps and re-create basketball highlights with other motion graphics elements like this…

Houston’s sharpshooters were on target tonight. An NBA single-game record of 24 threes ???

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So, I decided I wanted to re-create one of my favorite childhood games NBA JAM. My Inspiration is based on this video of Klay Thompson

I am going to do this with this Stephen Curry video: