Calendar Fall 2016

8/29 Animated Movie Poster Asset Creation

9/12 Pen Tool Quiz, Week two tutorials, Work to complete for week 3

9/19 PS GIF Quiz, Week three tutorials and work to do

9/26 AE GIF Quiz 1, Week four tutorial and work to do

10/6 (Thursday class) AE GIF Quiz 2, Work for next week text in AE

10/17 Motion Tracking in AE

10/24 AE GIF Quiz 3, Masking in AE

10/31 AE GIF Quiz 4, Knock, knock your grades are coming, What do you want to make now?

11/7 Pen Tool Quiz #2

11/14 PreComp Quiz, Updates on Project Ideas, Assets, and Animations

11/21 Wiggle Expression Quiz,

11/28 Light Wrap Quiz



12/19 Finals Week – Final Post