Moron Test Part 1 – You are not a Bonehead


Problem Set

  • This week you will be assigned 2-4 scenes from the moron test that you will be creating. In the first week, your job is to build the HTML/CSS and layout the icons, instructions, and any other elements required for your scene.
  • You will also select all the elements which will need listeners in your scene. We will be discussing a strategy for this in the second class in which we will use the Array prototype and a call method with our selected node list. This will turn our node list and allow us to use array methods like forEach. This process will give us necessary options over using a for loop to apply methods to a selected set of elements.

Blog Questions

  • How does the layout of the icons on the screen work? Make a drawing and label the layout of one of scenes with the positioning numbers used. Take a photo of this drawing and embed it with your description of the post.
  • How does the Array prototype and the call method of our node list of selected elements work? Why are we using this method instead of a for loop to apply methods to all our selected elements?

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