Moron Test Part 3 – Adding an EventListener to your Icons

Which icon did I click, which one, which one! Tutorial You’ve been introduced to the process of attaching an event listener to a selected list of elements using a for loop. For example below, we select all of <li> elements and then listen for three different events: mouseover, mouseout, and click. var toDos = document.querySelectorAll(“li”) […]

Moron Test Part 2 – Creating and Assembling Elements in JS

Tutorials With the layouts of your various scenes complete, we are now going to turn to how to build each of your layouts using JS. We’ll use a data structure in which we codify the icon values: class, color, content, size, left, top, and transform. Then create the <i> element using a createElement() method followed […]

Moron Test Part 1 – You are not a Bonehead

Tutorials Review the Moron Test Walkthrough We will be using a common set of HTML/CSS (modeled after this starter page) that we will develop together in class today. v1/sceneNUM.html (as many html files as you are assigned scenes) Scene Assignments Problem Set This week you will be assigned 2-4 scenes from the moron test that […]

Advanced DOM Manipulation

Tutorials Section 13, videos 130 – 135 Tutorial Notes Exercise files to publish on your server, HTML/JS pairs color-changer.js score-keeper.js other-todo.js Problem Set Problem set to publish on your server, HTML/JS TBD Blog Questions Research another type of event listener besides “click” and “change”. Describe how it works and find/link an example of it in […]