Moron Test Version 2

Moron Test Version 2 Blog Questions The iconBuilder function uses document.createElement(“i”) to first create the element, then adds the necessary styles and content of that element in order to get the completed icon. The mapIcons function then adds that element into the iconSpace. The clearIcons function clears any child elements from the iconSpace by first […]

DOM Manipulation

Tutorials  Selector Exercise Problem Set Web Page Hack Code Blog Questions querySelector( ) allows the selection of an element by any CSS selector, while querySelectorAll( ) allows the selection of a set of elements by any CSS selector. Four examples to select this element are: <p id=”one” class=”.main”>This awesome paragraph!</p> var select1 = document.querySelector(“#one”) var […]

Javascript Objects

Tutorials  Object Examples MoviesDB Methods Keyword This Problem Set All Objects Functions Blog Questions Reddit uses an array of objects. var redditPosts = [ { post_type: “Info Thread”, post_title: “Questions & Suggestions Thread”, post_link: “”, post_points: 139, post_subreddit: “r/nbastreams”, post_author: “u/invmini”, time_posted: value, //value based on created time function post_comments: [] //array of comments with […]