Website Hacking Exercise

Copy my code and then go to’s website //2nd Try at loops // to change header to “krab’s money maker” var trend = document.querySelectorAll(“h4”) for (i = 0; i < trend.length; i++) { trend[i].textContent = “Krab’s Money Maker”; } // To change dish title var header = document.querySelectorAll(“.fixed-recipe-card__title-link”) for (i = 0; i < […]


Problem Set ct_course.html  ct_course.js An example of site that uses objects is Google Maps review section. (warning ***screenshot is very pixelate) //using attached jpeg in my post as model/ex var review = [ { user_name: “cup cake”, badge: “local guide”, numOfReviews: “14”, numOfPics: “41”, rating: “# of stars”, date: ” “, review: ” “, } […]


Exercises: print.html  && print.js isUniform() uniform.html  && uniform.js sumArray() sum.html  && sum.js max() max.html  && max.js   Problem Sets: range.html  && range.js reverse.html && reverse.js username.html  && username.js   A website that I think uses Array is Pandora. I don’t use Pandora but I do use another music streaming service called Napster. Both sites work […]