Moron Test scene-05

This is my v assigned scene 05. I have used baseball from ( instead of the hat. I have put some CSS properties in the HTML. Example below: <i class=”fas fa-baseball-ball blue” style=”top: 100px; left: -400px;”></i> <i class=”fas fa-baseball-ball red” style=”top: -200px; left: -310px;”></i> <i class=”fas fa-baseball-ball green” style=”top: -100px; left: 50px;”></i> <i class=”fas fa-baseball-ball […]

DOM manipulation

Dom-intro HTML Dom-intro JS Exercise.HTML Exercise.JS The querySelectorAll() method returns all elements in the document that matches a specified CSS selector(s), on the other hand, querySelector() returns the first instance of the specified selector. document.querySelector(“#one”); document.querySelector(“.main”); document.querySelector(“p”); document.querySelector(“h1+p”);  

Java Scripts Functions

Every function in JavaScript returns unless undefined otherwise specified. for example an empty function: function test(){}; test(); // undefined It is expected. Now, we can customize what is returned in our function by using the return keyword followed by our return value. Take a look at the code below: function test(){ return true; }; test(); // true Function is […]